Privacy Policy

Introduction about Price Runner UK

Pricerunner UK is UK’s best price comparison website because it gives accurate and updated information. It helps make smart buying every time you shop online. This is not like ordinary websites. We believe high-quality services and exact information is your right. So, we strive hard to meet this requirement in the best and the most advanced way possible.

Briefly our privacy policy covers these:
  • Information gathered from you such as via forms
  • Your device’s technical information
  • The way you navigate
  • Your position on the basis of GPS signal or IP address
  • Relevant cookies
  • Information from our advertisers, customers, partners and suppliers
We require personal date for these purposes
  • Run various services
  • Manage support issues and rectify errors
  • Provide personalised offers, ads and recommendations
  • Send information
  • Develop our services
  • Prevent, investigate and limit abuse

We never reveal your personal data. We share them with Schibsted companies and also with our partners. We sign agreements to make sure that your data remains in safe hands.

Pricerunner UK privacy policy applies to the handling of personal data taking place within its framework. When you use the services at PriceRunner UK for digital apps. The services is provided with a certain company number.

Major Key Concepts

The meaning of personal data is that it is the information that is directly linked to a living person. The examples are name, phone number, address and email address. Sometimes, information about IP address and user behavior when using services can also be included.

Processing of personal data involves use of personal data, exchange, collection and storage. Controller of personal data means the party decides on the means and purposed for data processing. It also includes who is responsible for making sure that the processing occurs according to applicable data legislation.

How we collect information?

We collect information via various sources. At PriceRunner UK, we work to give you best services to satisfy you.

Date you provide

The first source of data collection are you. When you carry out activities within our framework, you give information about you. This includes name, phone number, email and home address. You fill in a web form, send notice to support. You also provide us with feedback through functions that are created for such purposes.

Data is also collected when you use our services. This includes which services you are using, the websites you are opening and your behavior on the services. This information is categorized further:

a) Technical information

It covers information about your internet connection and the device. We have server logs and some tools to register information of your device as well as connection. It also gives cross-device usage information. It includes operating system, IP address, browser version, cookies and unique identifiers.

b) User behavior

We register purchases of services and products withing our framework. We store information about your websites visits and your behavior when using those services. The behavior involves the way you navigate through a website.

C) Information about location

When you use services, we calculate your location. It is based on your IP address. If you have enabled location on your device, we are able to collect detailed information about your location. This information is useful. It helps us give you content and ads that are relevant to you according to your location. It also allows develop new services and products to give customised content. This include ads and articles that are relevant. You can disable location services on your phone anytime. In that case, we will know the approximate location through the IP address you have.

d) Cookies to store data

When you use websites offering services, we use various technologies to know you as a user. It is done directly or via a third party.

We also have data from other sources. From partners, advertisers, customers and suppliers. An advertisers can give us information about what took place when you clicked on a product at our website. Supplier give us information about demographic profile such as education, family size and so on. This information helps us give you relevant ads and content in the coming days.

How we process and share your information

The method of our information processing and sharing is simple. We share personal data with other companies to perform our contractual obligations, provide services and improve user experience, answer customer service issues and fix errors, provide you ads, offers and recommendations that are based on data you give, send information and direct marketing message through email or other means, analyse market trends and upcoming demands, develop services, prevent, investigate and limit abuse of services.

We try to make sure that your personal date is process within the EU/EEA. We also work so that our own IT systems are located within EU/EEA. For the purpose of maintenance and systematic support, we may need to transfer data to a location outside EU/EEA. If we give your data to a personal data counsel who is established or stores data in a place outside EU/EEA, the counsel may share the data that is relevant ot the purpose such as log files.

We take all legal, organisational, technical measure to give the same level of protection as within EU/EEA. When data is processed outside EU/EEA, we guarantee protection by decision taken by EU commission that the country ensures proper protection or by use of appropriate safeguards. The safeguards are approved codes of conduct in the recipient location, standard contract clauses, binding internal rules of the company or privacy shield. You can get a copy of the safeguards or information about them.

Right to deletion

You can ask us to delete data if it is no longer important for the purpose for which it was collected. If you oppose processing for direct marketing purposes, data is processed in an illegal way, the data has to be removed to meet a legal obligation and personal data of a child under 13 for which you have parental responsibility. In these cases, you can ask us to erase your data.