How Google Shopping Works

How Google shopping works?

Google shopping is a service tool of the Google that provide user to compare and search product and purchase online. It is very use full tool for online retailers.

The Google shopping have two main platforms

Merchant center

It works as host to your stock or product. Product feed include all the details about the product specifications and you arrange your products into the Google shopping format.


It provide assistance to set your budget, live shopping campaigns, manage bids and elaborate performance. It also help full in advertising and manage your campaign.

Consideration of factors

The factors that must be considered are as follows:

Product feed:

It is your stock list with in the Merchant center.

Search query of users:

It has all the searches of the users they made on Google.

Cost per click/bid:

How many times you agree to bid on a specific keyword in AdWords.

Optimize your product

In simple the product feed is the compilation of data about your product and all the relevant details of it. It include image, name, unique id, category and description. Google shopping is the great way to increase sale of your product.

Google shopping ads

Google Shopping Ads


Google shopping ads appear when you search a product like other ads.

You get all the information about the item including name, color, price, size. It’s availability and picture of that product. To see the ads Google users can easy purchase the product.

Advantage of Google shopping ads

The research shows that Google shopping ads generate high click and conversion rate it is due to the reduce of cost per click contrast to the tradition click payment advertising policy. These ads also help to attract the users attention towards Google shopping.

Set up of Google shopping

To take benefit from the Google shopping a business must have an e-commerce website setup with that a user can make purchase. AdWords rules apply with specific restrictions about counterfeit items.

How to optimize from Google shopping ads

Google Shopping

If you have knowledge about SEO as a retailer you realize that principles are directly apply to the ads and campaigns of the Google shopping.

Titles are signals used to match queries of search and with your ads. Combine the item information such as product type, brand and attributes of item you can directly improve your chances of ranking.


A good description about product is also a key to get higher ranking. Use a clear and meaningful description of product specification and key features.

Optimization and feed creation

 It is also called feed mastery it contain all the details of product like product image or price.

Optimization and monitoring

 It is a great benefit of Google shopping that it assess the performance in detail and monitoring.


 It provides several ways of bidding and guide you that how to bid  in your favorite  way?

Google shopping works

It works quite differently from other networks. Rather bidding on a certain keyword or create ad group with many ads Google show you relevant content according to bid.

It means you may per click just only for relevant traffic.

Google shopping exertion is pulling details of data from the Google Merchant center from online store. It means that you do live functions on e-commerce site. It will provide your product ads, SKUs, Image,price to the searchers.

Get started with Google shopping

Integrate online store with product directly. Product include everything from the title of item to complete description. Just like all e-commerce hosting platform it has a direct integration and tool that provide help at start-up point. If you update your product stock or pricing regularly it is a key tool work between your store and Google.

Make an account on Google

Steps of making account

If you want to do any thing on Google you first create a Merchant account and link it with AdWords Google account.

  • Optimize your feed
  • Create a good title of your product
  • At this level you have to include your detailed keywords.
  • Put the important information.
  • Optimize product keyword stuff
  • Chose an image
  • Chose right product category

Uploading product on the Google shopping feed

There are two ways to upload your product to new feed

  1. Upload it automatically with Shopify’s Google shopping app.
  2. To enter you product information and details into Google spreadsheet manually.

Create your Google shopping campaign

 There are two ways to create campaign

  1. Google shopping ads are form within Merchant center.
  2. Create a campaign in Google AdWords.

Settings of bidding

Present a bidding option on your site. Because a bid play an important role to determine search queries.

Use of quick strategies

  1. Add reviews.
  2. Adjust bids.
  3. Add new promotion.
  4. Improve the quality of your image.


Google shopping is the great tool for the retailers to boost their sale and achieve their target profit. To follow the above steps a retail take a lot of benefits.

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