Google Shopping Ads

Benefits of Google Shopping Ads you need to know

At this modern time span Google shopping ads are more use full and effective instead of traditional ads and the old methods of advertisement. At the start of 2018 it is estimated that 76.4% of retail related ads are spending towards Google shopping ads.

Google Shopping Ads

From the last few years Google shopping ads prove as a good tool for the increase in Google shopping ads play a great role in the improvement of e-commerce business. Google ads are profit of the business and great channel of marketing. Google shopping ads are placed mainly in two places. Google shopping which is the search about the Google products/items and top of search results. These ads are also showing on the Google search when a user search a product.

Google shopping ads give the user a great exposure and enhance the bid growth. For many retailers or merchants Google shopping ads are the keys of their success and awareness about the competitors.

Benefits of Google shopping

Google Shopping

There are main advantages of Google shopping ads are as follows

Make your product a brand to put it in the Google shopping list

No matter if you are doing a small business or working as a retailer you want to make  good will you enter your name, if it appear on the top of search engine result page(SERPS) it take the customers attention towards your product. Google match the keyword to your product and the customer will find your product even without knowing your name or business. It means that your Google shopping ads will provide facility that your product show to the customer and ensure sale.

You can lead with better quality

The buyers who search product they already make many searches and close to make a decision. To see the relevant ad about the product they follow that link and made purchase.

Easy to manage

For the PLAs it is easy to manage your work flow. If there is no keyword of your product the Google will match your data feed of the product and present it to the searchers.

Conversion rates become high

With the use of Google shopping ads you can get higher conversion rate as compare to the text-only or traditional ads. Cost per click reduces at 23% and conversion rate high at 26% it means that you have relevant traffic on your e-store.

You reach broader

With the use of Google shopping ads you see multiple products appearing on a single page and a single query can enhance the purchase of your product sale.

Get attention

With the Google shopping ads you can grab the attention of the buyers easily and convince them to purchase the product.

Top item campaign

When you make a campaign you have to focus on the top selling items of your own. And then attach the lower selling products with it. This will enhance the sale of your low selling products.

Using Google shopping ads are the key factor to boost your sale and when the sales increase the profit will automatically enhance.

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